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Before you start in the world of forex trading or forex trading and look for the trading market in Binary Options Reviews, it helps you to know the underlying mechanism of transaction process in this forex trading, and how you have the potential to gain profit in this activity, And how to trade forex to get profit. Basically, forex trading transactions is a process of activities that revolve around the concept of buying and selling activities. Similarly, when you buy an item and after a while, the item has increased the price, then you sell the item at that time, you will gain financial benefits. Similarly, what happens in the forex trading process. For example, a trader makes a purchase transaction against the AUD / USD currency pair, sometimes later the AUD increases the price against USD and the trader sells it, then he will get a profit or profit.

The thing we need to remember is that every time you make a purchase or sale transactions, then we will base the transaction on the currency pair that is on the left side (base currency). When we buy the currency that is on the left side, it means we make the sale of currency that is on the right side. The opposite will happen anyway. If a trader makes a ‘sales’ transaction, then in this process what he does is actually sell something ‘borrowed’ first, where the concept is not the same as the commonly known concept of selling something that has been owned. In conclusion, if we make a transaction ‘buy’ on a currency pair, and then the price goes up, then we will gain profit. When we make a ‘sell’ transaction on a currency pair and then the price goes down, then in this transaction we will gain profit.