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For those of you who have recently been in the forex trading world, you may often hear various unusual forex terms heard in everyday conversations, but are often used in trading activity transactions. The understanding long term in forex is a type of transaction in trading when a trader makes a purchase transaction of a currency in the hope of selling it back at a higher price. The above concept is quite easy to understand because it is a fairly common thing done in the trading process. Another case with the use of the term ‘Short’, which involves the process of ‘selling’ something that is not owned. Before you start trading in real accounts in Binary Options Reviews-which provides so many trading markets for you that you really need to understand the meaning of these terms in the forex so you can use the right strategy and increase the likelihood of profit.

Basically, the term short term in forex is a type of transaction in trading if a trader makes a “sell transaction” on a particular currency in the hope of buying the currency back at a lower price in the future. This price difference is the profit for the trader, less the transaction fee, commission, or other sales fees. This may happen because there are unique differences in the world of forex trading compared to other types of trading in the financial markets. The objects in forex transactions are “pairs” of currencies written side by side with each other. Thus, in the mechanism of the transaction process performed on this currency pair, there is always a process of buying and selling at the same time.

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